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Our P4 Course 2018 is personalised based on your child’s learning styles, strengths and weaknesses. We help students score well by laying strong foundation for P4. Lessons are customised to suit your child’s progress so that they can improve faster. 


"School Plus has really helped me tremendously over a short period of time. I’m able to pick up concepts quickly and apply them in the subject effectively."

Yvonne Phang, Student


"I think that School Plus does not only focus on what currently is, but also what is coming up, for example they teach students topics that are ahead of the school's pace, and this helped me to understand the topics in school better."

Braxton Sheum, Student

"As a parent, I am very happy n glad that my son has learnt and made great improvement in his math. Very thankful to the teachers as they are really patient to him and motivate his interest."

Jenny Ng, Parent

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Prepare Your Child for P4 2018

Master key strategies to solve challenging questions

Learn difficult concepts of P4 the easy way

Revise basic concepts from P1 to P3

P4 2018

    P4   2018

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