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Primary 5 

School Plus

Our P5 Course helps students to improve quickly as it is personalised for each child based on their learning styles, strengths and weaknesses.


"We are grateful that the teacher revised the past years' topics with my son, allowing him to have a better understanding of what he is learning now. She also made an extra effort to make sure that he is being attentive during class as he is a bit hyper and has a short attention span."

Karen Yeo, Parent

"School Plus improved my grades tremendously and with a refreshing education technique I was amazed and actually started liking to go for classes. The interactive culture of the class made me love the subjects i took there. SchoolPlus is definitely the go to centre in Singapore"

Powen Choo, Student

"Ever since the beginning of P5, my son lacks of courage when attempting Math problem sums. Am glad that after his first lesson in School Plus, my son told me he had better understanding in resolving Fraction problem sums. Now my son does his homework diligently and I am most glad that he has regained confidence in attempting Math problem sums"

Jenny Ng, Parent

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Personalise learning with unique technology 

Learn difficult concepts of P5 the easy way

Master answering techniques to solve challenging questions

Getting Ready for PSLE 2019

P5 Course

P5 Course

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